Passage 1

PASSAGE/ photography

Interior of an extinguished Lighthouse.
Once a living cell, now a broken lamp.

HOME & AWAY / photography

The rock is my home.
I follow a broken dream.

PORTREES / photography

Portraits of trees & woods Photographs in the woods of Northwestern Greece and Wienerwald, Austria.
Trees and branches in black and white.

DUST / multiform art installation

Photographs & video art, based on theatrical script written by Eleni Chatzi.
Narration: Olia Lazaridou, Nikos Xidakis, Tina Yiotopoulou.

OXIDOSIS / photography 

The rusty surface as a messenger of memory and hope.
The oxidized wounds of matter are artistically transformed .

CITY FACES / photography 

Trembling and multivoiced cities.
Multiple exposures with aggressive camera shots and condensed concentrations of moments.

ABSTRACT ROCKS / photography 

Abstract rocks of Kea

IOULIS / photography 

Ioulis of Kea island, at night.
Photographs of the settlement as redefined in the dark, in the form of geometric shapes.

ANALOG / photography 

Film photography and darkroom silver gelatin prints.

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